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Wir sind ein Technologieunternehmen, das seit 2010 für programmierbare Lösungen von kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen im Bereich von Enterprise-Resource-Planning (ERP) sorgt. Unser Ziel ist es, mit der Installation von Odoo-ERP-Systemen die Unternehmensprozesse zu optimieren. Die Empfehlungen und das Vertrauen unserer Kunden sind für uns die beste Bewertung.

Viking 1914 Projekt

Viking 1914 Projekt

Viking 1914 ist eine dänische Marke für Büroartikel. Die vom Kunden gestellte Aufgabe lautete, ein effizienteres Geschäftsmanagementsystem für E-Kommerz zu entwickeln und einzuführen. Bis dato nutzte der Kunde ein von einem dänischen Unternehmen entwickeltes Geschäfts-managementsystem, ein ziemlich unflexibles und mehr an dänische Unternehmen angepasstes System. Der wesentliche Mangel des alten Systems lag darin, dass jede Änderung bzw. Optimierung viel Zeit und Geld kostete. Die Hauptanforderungen an das neue Geschäftsmanagementsystem waren Flexibilität und niedrige Kosten.

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Allbranded Projekt

Allbranded Projekt

Die Tätigkeit des internationalen Unternehmens „Allbranded“ wird perfekt in seiner Bezeichnung widerspiegelt – „Alles“ (engl. all) und „gekennzeichnet“ (engl. branded). Die Gesellschaft erbringt die Dienstleistungen in der Übertragung von Logos, Marken bzw. Aufschriften auf verschiedenste Gegenstände (Tassen, T-Shirts, Schreibzeug usw.) und handelt mit verschiedenen Waren im E-Shop.

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Using the editorCreate lists.You can start a bulleted list by typing a dash or asterisk. Then, just start typing your first item. Once you hit Enter, the list will be reformatted for you automatically. To start a numbered list, type “1.” and your first item.Two types of quotes.Select any text in the editor and click on the quote icon in the menu to make it a block quote. Click the iconagainto make it a pull quote.Drop caps.Select the first letter of a paragraph, and an option to turn it into adrop capwill appear in your formatting menu.Mention people.Type @ and then the name of the person you want to mention.Mentioning someonewill link to their profile and send them a notification when you publish.Embed social media posts.You can embed a tweet or Facebook post in your story by pasting in its link and pressing Enter.Embed other Medium stories.You can embed another Medium story by pasting in its link and pressing Enter.Embed videos.You can embed videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook by pasting in any video link and pressing Enter.Embed audio.You can embed audio from sites like Soundcloud or Spotify by pasting in any audio link and pressing Enter.Keyboard shortcuts in the editor.Use the Medium editor like a pro: Press Ctrl+? or ⌘+? while editing to see the list of keyboard shortcuts.Leave yourself TK notes.Write“TK” anywhere in your story as a placeholder and reminder to yourself to finish something later. Medium will warn you ifyou have any TKs leftbefore you hit Publish.Use code blocks.For technical writers, you can include inline code blocks in your story by putting text between backticks. To include aseparate code block or snippet, type three backticks into the editor.See word count.In the Medium editor, select the entire story (Ctrl+A or ⌘+A) or any passage to see the word count at the top of the page.Write or edit from mobile.DownloadMedium’s iOS apporAndroid appand write — or edit — on the go.ImagesImage options.In the Medium editor, click on any image to bring up the menu that allows you to change its size and position.Image grids.You can create an image grid if you insert two or more images in your Medium story at the same time. Do this by holding Ctrl/⌘ or Shift while selecting image files.Drag and drop images.You can drag and drop an image — or multiple images at once — from your desktop or other windows to place them in your story.Link images.Click on an image in the editor and press Ctrl+K or ⌘+K to turn the image into a link.Feature an image on your story.In the “Publish” drop-down menu, you can select which of the hi-res images from your story is featured in previews. Or select an image and hit “Shift+F.”Publishing your storyRevision history.Click on the […] in the upper right corner of the editor, and then onRevision historyto see the version history of your story. You can then view or revert to an earlier version of your story.Publish as unlisted.You can publish a storyas unlistedon Medium. It will be visible only to those who have its link, and it won’t appear on your profile or on Medium’s public pages.Customize title and subtitle of your story.After finishing your story, click the […] button and selectTitle/subtitle.SelectCustom title.Youmusthave a title, but a subtitle is optional.Checking on/Influencing your story’s impactFeature a story on your profile.Click on the down arrow next to any story on your profile page tofeature itso that it occupies the top spot.Tag a story.When youadd a tag(likemusic,sports, orpolitics) to your story, it will appear in the streams of people following that tag and on that tag’s page. You can add up to five tags per story.Your stats page.Go toyour stats pageto see an up-to-date summary of how your stories are doing (including the number of people who viewed, read, and recommended them).Referrers on your stats page.Onyour stats page,clickReferrersbelow the title of any story to see the websites your readers are coming from.See the Twitter conversation about your story.Whenyouclick onReferrersbelow any story onyour stats page,you may see Twitter as a referrer. If you click on twitter.com, you can see tweets about that particular story.Text shots.Usetext shotsto share the best parts of your story on Twitter. Stories shared with text shots have been shown to have 3–5x more engagement than stories without them.Input/outputShare your draft to get feedback.Send drafts of stories you’re working on to your friends by clicking onShare, which will generate a link to send them.They’ll be able to read your draft (and even leave private notes if they have a Medium account).See all the applause.On any published story, click the number next to the clap icon to see a list of everyone who has applauded the story.Import your story from elsewhere.Use ourimport feature(accessible from the dropdown menu after clicking your avatar) to bring a story you published somewhere else to Medium automatically. You can preview and edit it before publishing.Export your stories.At any point, you can download an archive of all your stories from theexport page(accessible from your settings).Questions? Comments? Leave a note here or email us atyourfriends@medium.com.Tips and tricks for Medium writerswas originally published in3 min readon Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
Illustration byNate KitchToday we’re launching the first step of an exciting new phase at Medium.We strongly believe that quality content needs to be paid for by consumers — not advertisers — so creators can do their best work, and to align the incentives of everyone involved. So, since March, we’ve been experimenting with our subscription paywall and putting more and more great stories behind it. But that’s only a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands of fantastic stories published on Medium every day. And, though Medium is an open publishing platform, we haven’t enabled a way for most of our writers to participate in the economics.Until now.Starting today, we are sending a small group of writers and publications on Medium our first batch of invitations to our updated Partner Program. We’ll be sending more over time, and you can learn how to get on the invite list at the end of this post. But first, some details.When you join the program, you will have the option to publish your story to Medium members only and get paid based on engagement. Your content will still be distributed to your followers, discoverable through search, the Medium home page, and our apps. Note: We have recently switched our paywall from “no access” to a “metered” one, meaning non-members will still be able to read a limited amount of locked stories each month.How does this all work?For the creators in the program, each month you will be paid based on the level of engagement your stories get from Medium members. Essentially, we look at the engagement of each individual member (claps being the primary signal) and allocate their monthly subscription fee based on that engagement. This is one of the reasonswe love Claps— it helps us measure the depth of appreciation that a member has for each individual post. (For our members, we’re excited to give you more meaningful control over the stories you support. The more claps you give a locked post, the more share of your membership fee that author will get.)We can’t wait to see the new opportunities the Partner Program creates for writers. But we also recognize that not everyone has the same set of goals when they write on Medium. If you arenotinterested in making money from your work, nothing changes: Medium remains free and open. You can create an account, write directly on Medium, publish your work, and share it broadly…all for free.These are just the early days of what we consider a grand experiment. Imagine a day when anyone with the skills and willingness to put in the effort can write something useful, insightful, or moving and be compensatedbased on its value to others. There is a lot we need to figure out to make this work right. But we are convinced that by joining forces, we can make a new economic model for quality content. We hope you’ll join us in this experiment.If you are interested and did not get one of the first invitations, don’t worry — more are coming soon. To make sure you’re on the list please join thePartner Program waitlist. In the meantime,check out our FAQ(learn more about becoming a Medium memberhere). And if you have questions or feedback about the program, email us atyourfriends@medium.com. We’re listening.Michael Sippey, Head of Productkatie zhu, Product ManagerBrian Zotter, Engineering LeadExpanding the Medium Partner Programwas originally published in3 min readon Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
Effective: September 6, 2017Medium is an open platform for authentic voices to share their thoughts and experiences, and through conversation move us towards greater understanding.We believe in the power of words to create, build up, inform, nourish, and repair. Toward that ideal, ourMedium Partner Programseeks to foster original writing that entertains, informs and educates, expresses truths boldly, and seeks ways forward thoughtfully and inclusively.To be eligible for inclusion and potential monetization from member-only content, user posts must meetMedium’s Rulesas well as the following guidelines and content requirements. We’ve set these additional guidelines for member-only stories to create a fair environment for writers in our Partner Program and a richer reading experience for members.Editorial guidelinesHere are some best practices we suggest to help you have the greatest success with your member-only stories:Smart voices welcomeAll types of thinkers, writers, and storytellers find their home on Medium, with stories covering every topic under the sun. So if you have an idea to share respectfully, it’s welcome to be published to the member community.Topics you care deeply about make the best posts, and we encourage you to highlight your own perspective — whether that comes from real-world experience, original research, or reporting in the field.Introduce yourselfLet readers know who you are and what you write about by completely filling out theuser profile bio and avatarthat shows up at the top of every post.Use the right tagsYou can tag your stories with up to five tags to help readers find your work.Accurately and carefully tagging your post will increase its potential distribution and exposure to the right audience.Finishing touches matterUse an appropriate title and subtitle to best reflect your idea and to help promote it in post listings on and off the platform. We strongly recommend scanning for typos before publishing and sharing.Images countMedium posts with one or more quality images relevant to the content perform better both on Medium and when shared on other networks.Double-check to make sure you’re not violating copyright or licensing with your images. Free resources likePexels,Pixabay, andUnsplashare great for sourcing Creative Commons-licensed images.Keep the conversation goingIf you receive responses to your post, engage with your readers by responding to them and applauding for their responses, where appropriate.(You can alsohideorreportresponses you feel are inappropriate or violate our rules.)Content RequirementsAll member-only stories you publish must adhere to our existingMedium Rules,as well as these additional content requirements:Original content onlyFor the content you lock for members,including all writing and images,you must either own the copyright, have explicit permission to use it, or have a good faith belief that you are using it lawfully.Stories where the content is clipped with the sole purpose of linking to the rest of the article on a different website are not permitted.Cross-posting content you have published elsewhere is allowed provided it follows the aforementioned copyright guidelines.Only a single version of a story may be locked for members at a given time. Please do not duplicate posts.Ad-free zoneMedium Membership is intended as a premium experience for our subscribers, and should not be used for primarily marketing yourself or other products.We’ve promised Medium members an ad-free environment tailored for readers, not advertisers. You may not sell advertising in or on your member-only content.Member stories should not exist with the predominant purpose of driving traffic to an external website, business, or product. All included content must be relevant, substantial and informative. If you have received compensation or free goods/services in connection with the topic of a post, you must make this clear.Do not ask for claps or include other calls to action, including gifs of clapping, requests for donations, email list sign-ups, or other links or embeds for the purpose of capturing user information or soliciting money.Root posts onlyResponses are not eligible for inclusion as Member content.Big ideas matterWe understand that all Medium readers and writers have one common element: Medium. However, the intended purpose of the Partner Program is to encourage and reward the best writing on the internet on the widest variety of topics.Therefore, posts that are primarily about Medium and its features are not eligible for monetization. You can still freely write about these topics as unlocked posts.No cheatingPosts and accounts that attempt to game our system with inflated claps or any other disingenuous interactions will be removed from the Medium Partner Program, and, depending on severity, may be subject to suspension from the platform.Prohibited conductThe following are not eligible for inclusion as member-only content — posts or accounts that:Advocate or promote intolerance or prejudice against individuals or groups, including the use of scientific or pseudo-scientific claims to pathologize, dehumanize, or disempower othersGratuitously use profanity or excessively graphic language and images for the purposes of shock or incitementGlorify, celebrate, downplay, or trivialize violence, suffering, abuse, or deathsExist mainly to target, shame, intimidate or harass identified, identifiable or anonymous peopleDox someone, including by exposing personal information or aggregating of public informationReview businesses or products in an inflammatory or abusive mannerConsist of unsubstantiated, unverified, or misleading claims and reportingIf you violate these rulesMedium reserves the right to review posts or accounts at any time and stop payment for any post or to any account, and/or remove from the Member section content that violates these Member Content Guidelines, orMedium’s general rules. In deciding whether something has violated the Rules and Guidelines, we will take into account things like the context, newsworthiness, and nature of the posted information and applicable privacy laws. Repeated violations of the Rules and Requirements will result in permanent ineligibility to participate in the program.Reporting contentIf you see member-only content that you believe violates these rules and guidelines, please flag the post in the product or send them toyourfriends@medium.comfor review.Member Content Guidelineswas originally published inMedium Policyon Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
Medium Branding GuidelinesThese few simple rules will help you use our branding elements to communicate the Medium brand most effectively.Download all assetsWordmarkThe Medium wordmark is an important expression of our brand identity. It should in no way be distorted or redrawn when applied to communications. Because the wordmark is such a recognizable and highly visible brand asset, it is vital that it is always applied consistently.Wordmark.Minimum digital size: 20 pixels (height)MonogramOur monogram is the reduced form of our wordmark. It should only be used when the wordmark is too small to achieve maximum impact.Monogram.Minimum digital size: 20 pixels (height)Clearspace and PositioningThe wordmark should always be surrounded by generous white space. The diagram below defines the minimum amount of clear space needed, which is based on the x-height in the wordmark.ColorPrimary Usage:our wordmark is primarily used in black. It can sit on top of the light green or white background. It can also be used in white over black.Discretionary Usage:in rare cases where there is already a strong presence of our light green color, the wordmark may be used on top of a color from our secondary palette.Incorrect Color Usage:our wordmark should never be used in white on top of any light colors. Additionally it shouldn’t be used with our dark colors, neither coloring it with a dark color, or using our primary black over a dark background.Dont’sThe examples shown here illustrate incorrect uses of the wordmark.Download all assetsIf you have any further questions about our brand elements, please drop us a line atyourfriends@medium.com.Logos and Brand Guidelineswas originally published inDesigning Mediumon Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
Effective as of August 21, 2017These terms (the “Partner Program Terms”) govern A Medium Corporation’s (“Medium”) partner program (“Partner Program”). Through Medium’s Partner Program, you can put a post from your user account behind Medium’s paywall (“locking” a post) and receive revenue based on its performance among Medium Members.By participating in the Partner Program, you agree to these Partner Program Terms, as well as Medium’sTerms of Service,Privacy Policy,Rules, and Partner Program Guidelines, and all other terms and conditions that generally apply to the Medium website and mobile applications (all of these together are the “Terms”).Please read the Partner Program Terms carefully. If you don’t understand them, or don’t accept any part of them, then you can’t participate in the Partner Program. Your online acceptance of Medium’s Terms form a binding agreement between you and Medium and show your intent to be bound by them.Locked Posts & MonetizationUser postsFor each locked post associated with your account (other than those appearing in a Medium publication), you have the chance to receive revenue based on various performance factors, including reader engagement. Based on the performance of a post, Medium will pay you a portion of revenues received by Medium from subscription fees, as determined by Medium. Medium will send you payment for any revenues accrued during a given calendar month by sending payment after that month. Medium reserves the right to adjust at any time the factors by which post performance and revenue are determined.User Posts & Medium PublicationsThe owner and editors of a given Medium publication have the ability to lock posts in that publication. The publication owner’s account will receive all revenue related to any locked post in the publication. The post author’s account will not have control over locking or unlocking a post and will not receive revenue from a post included in a publication. However, the post author can remove the post from the publication, which will unlock the post and cause the publication owner to stop receiving revenue for it.If you are owner or editor of a Medium publication, do not lock a post unless you have sufficient rights and permissions to do so. If you do not have a written agreement with the writer of a post, you may not have sufficient rights to lock and monetize that post;Where a user post has been locked by a Medium publication, Medium may disclose the email address of the publication owner to the user upon request.Necessary RightsYou may only lock a post (i.e., place it behind Medium’s paywall) if you have sufficient rights to make commercial use of the content in it, including text, video, and audio elements. Medium may require you to provide documentation proving you own sufficient rights to lock a post.The consequences of locking posts when you lack the rights to do so or failing to provide adequate documentation upon request include the unlocking of posts, withholding of revenue, suspension or termination from the Partner Program, and suspension or termination of your Medium account.You are not entitled to earn or receive any revenue in connection with your content in any of the following circumstances: (1) if one or more third parties claim rights to any element(s) of your content, (2) if monetization is disabled by Medium for a post, or (3) if your participation in the Medium Partner Program is suspended or terminated. If any of these occur, Medium will use reasonable efforts to notify you.These Partner Terms are not legal advice. If you plan to lock and monetize a post containing any content you did not create, you may want to talk to a lawyer first to ensure you own all rights required to do so.TerminationMedium reserves the right to unlock a post at any time, which will end that post’s ability to generate revenue. Medium reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate your participation in the Partner Program at any time.Account and Payment Method RequirementIn order to accrue or receive payment of any revenues under the Partner Program, you must have at all times an active Medium account and a bank account associated with it. Medium does not owe you for any revenues that may be associated with your content during any period in which you do not have a valid account or payment method.Changes or Discontinuation of Partner ProgramMedium reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the Partner Program with or without notice to you. Medium will not be liable to you or any third party for any such modification, suspension, or termination. Medium may change these Partner Program Terms from time to time so we encourage you to periodically review this page for most up-to-date version. If you refuse to accept the updated Partner Program Service Terms then Medium reserves its right to suspend or terminate your participation in the Partner Program.CommunicationsBy using the Partner Program, you consent to receiving communications from us related to it, including marketing communications such as newsletters, special offers, promotional announcements, and customer surveys, to your registered email address or via other methods.TaxesIf required by law, you are responsible for reporting and paying any applicable taxes in connection with your participation in the Partner Program. Such taxes may include duties, customs fees, or other taxes (other than income tax), along with any related penalties or interest.Governing Law & ForumThe governing law, mandatory forum, and dispute resolution provisions of Medium’s Terms of Service also apply to these Partner Program Terms and any dispute arising under them.MiscellaneousYou participate in the Partner Program at your own risk. You agree that you are solely responsible for your actions in connection with the Partner Program, any breach of your obligations under the Partner Program Terms, and for the consequences of any such breach.Any capitalized terms used but not defined in these Partner Program Terms have the meanings given to them in Medium’s Terms of Service. Except as modified by these Terms, Medium’s Terms of Service remain in effect. Medium’s right to modify or revise the Terms of Service also applies to these Partner Program Terms.Contact UsIf you have questions or feedback about the Partner Program, you can email at us at yourfriends@medium.comMedium Partner Program Termswas originally published inMedium Policyon Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
Following users, publications, and tags on MediumLogging in to your Medium account allows us to deliver the most relevant and timely stories directly to you, based on your interests. When you follow users, publications, and tags (topics) on Medium, you’re customizing the content you receive every time you log in to Medium.com and the Medium iOS or Androidapp, and in our email Digests.Follow users likeBarack Obama,Malala Yousafzai,Full Frontal,Jeremy Puma,Tom Farr, andEllie Guzman; publications likeThe Ringer,ThinkProgress, andThe Awl; orfind tags to follow.Once you’re logged in to your account, you can visitthis dashboardat any time to find personalized suggestions for whom and what to follow next. Here’s a breakdown of what following means on Medium:Follow UsersYou can follow any user on Medium — including amazing writers, world leaders, entertaining storytellers, and even your friends. When you follow someone on Medium, we will prioritize showing you Medium posts written or recommended by that user (via theheart symbol). You’ll also be able to view passages they’vehighlightedwithin stories.Follow PublicationsYou can follow publications, which are started by editors for a community of readers and feature posts written by many users. On Medium, you can tap into a thriving ecosystem of popular, passionate publications all in one place.The Ringer,ThinkProgress,Backchannel,The Mission,Cuepoint, and thousands of other publications are all on Medium, ready for you to follow. We’ve joined in, too: We started an official publication for news from Medium called3 Min Read.We will prioritize showing you posts that are posted in publications you follow. You also can receiveLettersfrom editors of those publications with special content and updates. (When logged in, you can always manage your email settings for publications you followhere.)Follow TagsEvery post on Medium can include up to five tags, which the writer chooses to tell readers what topics her story is about. When you follow a tag you’re interested in, we will prioritize showing you popular posts about that topic. You can follow broad topics likemusic,politics,travel,sports, ortech, or more specific topics like your favorite TV show, city, or interest.Have tips for other readers on how to optimize their Medium reading experience? Write a response below and share.

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